SwiftAI components

SwiftAI OSD Mini (module)

OSD (On-Screen Display) module is an electronic device which measures and processes the flight parameters in real time and overlays these on the video signal of the onboard camera.

Depending on the set of sensors connected, the OSD module can display the following set of parameters:...

SwiftAI Autopilot (module)

The Autopilot module is the core component of SwiftAI Autopilot sets. This module connects to RC receiver and servos / ESC and, depending on current flight mode, either passes the signals from receiver to servos or overrides control, allowing manual mode, stabilized / fly-by-wire mode, cruise...

SwiftAI Tracking

SwiftAI Tracking board is designed to operate with SwiftAI OSD and SwiftAI Autopilot + OSD sets, it decodes digital telemetry signal encoded to video stream. Its main purpose is to allow tracking antennas to follow the model in flight.
SwiftAI Tracking module has high quality 1-to-3 video...

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor designed for SwiftAI OSD Mini.

The sensor supports -45..+165 deg.C temperature range.

GPS sensor

GPS-module is designed for connection to the SwiftAI OSD Mini and SwiftAI Autopilots modules

Barometric altitude sensor

Barometric altitude sensor for connection to the SwiftAI OSD Mini

100A current sensor

100A current sensor for connection to the SwiftAI OSD Mini, T-connectors

Barometric speed sensor

Barometric speed sensor for connection to the SwiftAI OSD Mini


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