Terms and Conditions

The Terms are proposed to businesses and individuals, hereinafter referred to by the CUSTOMER, by SmallTim (trademark SwiftAI, an e-store www.swiftai.com), hereinafter – the COMPANY. The registration at www.swiftai.com or placing an order through its electronic catalog, www.swiftai.com, as well as admission to the COMPANY pre-payment for delivered (ordered) products, is a complete and unconditional acceptance of a public offer to conclude a contract for the delivery of ordered goods on these terms. Please read these Terms carefully before using the services of the COMPANY. Using the services, you automatically enter into an agreement with the COMPANY, the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the following Terms and Conditions, you may not use the services of the e-store.


How to place an order

Before making an order, please read carefully the description of the product, specifications and list of equipment that you may need to buy extra for this product (if necessary). Also, read carefully the Terms of our goods purchase, payment and shipping.


Also, you are recommended to register on the website,

The Homepage features our key products (electronics by SmallTim).

The Products chapter has goods groped by categories: SwiftAI Sets (components and sensors by SmallTim, assembled in sets), SwiftAI Components (individual components and sensors by SmallTim) and Related Products (various co-products of other manufacturers).

Please click Buy at the desired item, so that it’s placed into the Cart (upper right corner of the screen), and you’ll see the amount and total cost. You can directly get into Cart by clicking on the hyperlink, to edit its contents, or proceed to the Checkout, which would take you to the forms for payment and shipping.

In the Cart, you’ll see the block showing its contents that lets you add or remove the items, change their quantities and Update the order (to re-calculate the Subtotal).

In the Checkout, the blocks are:

0. Customer information (if you are not logged in).

1. Cart contents, displaying the items that you’re about to purchase.

2. Delivery information, asking you to provide your address. NB! When inputting the data please be careful to provide complete and correct information, including Postal code, Phone number, etc. Otherwise we won’t be able to arrange the delivery.

3. After you’ve specified the delivery information, in the Calculate shipping cost block you can choose applicable shipping options, by clicking on the button.

4. Billing information – you’d need to fill in if it’s NOT the same as your Delivery information. Otherwise, just check the My billing information is the same as my delivery information option.

5. Payment method lets you select the option available for you. Currently we rely on Assist system, which supports VISA, Master Card, DCI, Yandex Money, Qiwi Money, Web-money, etc.

6. You can also specify Order comments and must check I agree with the terms above to proceed with the checkout (Review order).

After filling the form, clicking Review order and validating your information, the order will be placed with us.

After that, you will be prompted to proceed with the payment – act according to the instruction of the payment system of your choice. At the specified address, you will be notified by the payment system on the completion of your payment and the change of your order status as “payment completed”. All that remains for us is to collect and submit your shipment.

Your order will be shipped within 2 working days after the receipt of the money by our company. To speed up the dispatch, you may send to us a copy of the document confirming the completed payment.

Prices are initially quoted in rubles, include all taxes and are fixed at time of ordering. COMPANY reserves the right to change prices in the product catalogue without notice.


Delayed delivery

If upon receipt of payment we are unable to ship the order immediately for any reason (goods shortage, discovery of flows in the products, etc.), the COMPANY will notify the CUSTOMER and put the order on the waiting list. If the COMPANY can not ensure the delivery of ordered goods, the COMPANY reserves the right to offer the CUSTOMER products with similar or better performance, at the same price as the order.


All registration information is strictly CUSTOMER privacy and will not be divulged, except as required by Russian legislation.


For goods sold is established warranty period - 6 months from the date of purchase. During this period, in case of defective, the goods (products) to be free warranty repair or replacement (if damaged beyond repair). Warranty repairs performed by the Company. Transportation costs associated with delivery of the product for warranty repair to the company on the Agency. Transportation costs associated with the delivery service (or its replacement) to the customer is payment. Warranty repair or replacement of items purchased during the warranty period is carried out only under the following conditions:

  1. Having completed the warranty card with the date of sale and seal-seller.
  2. The presence of the original packaging and documentation included with the product.
  3. The presence of receipt (or money order) to pay for items.

The company assumes no warranty in cases of: **

  1. The presence of mechanical damage of the product from accidents, strokes, falls, contact with moving parts of any object.
  2. Violations of the safety check labels and seals on the product.
  3. Attempts to repair or change the internal structure of the product.
  4. Violations of the rules of operation.
  5. Careless handling.
  6. Incorrect assembly, installation and (or) incorrect adjustment of the product.
  7. Normal wear parts products in service.

** Please note that the equipment offered by us is not a toy! This is a technically complex radio-electronic products that require the user to the relevant skills: management, configuration, maintenance, operation, diagnosis of possible faults and other RC models and their components (which are part of our products) are subject to extreme loads during operation. There is no universally accepted standards for radio-controlled models and their components, which would regulate the parameters such as: strength, toughness, reliability, durability, etc. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller can not control the conditions and the correctness of prelaunch product configuration, model, safe operation and management skills model of end-user after the sale. Since buying the entire responsibility for the proper, lawful and safe operation of the product and for any damage caused by this product to property and / or health of third parties the user fully accepts.


The manufacturer guarantees the efficiency of the product during the warranty period only if the use of the product for the purposes for which it is intended by the manufacturer, with due respect for the rules of prelaunch preparation and setup, careful handling and accurate product storage, diagnostics, troubleshooting and possible mechanical damage of the product. The manufacturer guarantees the absence of defects in material details of the product and its assembly. In the case of factory defects in materials or assembly product, discontinue use of the product and contact the place of purchase. Warranty repair or replacement shall be subject only to those parts of the product or part, in which the marriage is found. If the operation of a defective product will lead to product failure with mechanical damage to mechanical failure, fire, or damage to other parts of the product - the guarantee will not cover such damage to other parts and components, except the one that has a direct factory marriage. In such cases, repair of parts damaged due to operation of defective products (except repair parts that have factory marriage) are paid by the user.
Important! Since radio-controlled model aircraft and their component parts are subjected to extreme loads during operation, the responsibility of the user conduct prelaunch before each run / use of aircraft as a whole! Any product, even assembled in the factory and 100% ready to run / use requires mandatory before each run / use of prelaunch / test in case of need - control and adjustment. Prelaunch includes: check inspection and verification of the reliability of all threaded connections, checking tightness of all the docking stations (where a leak), check for wear of the rubbing surfaces of working parts, check parts and components for cracks, backlash or other defects, validation of all settings and adjustments, health check of all systems, all the electronics and radio control system, checking the battery is fully charged and the correct polarity contacts food, health check fuel system and exhaust system validation set of electronic equipment. The warranty does not cover any damage products resulting from illiterate or lack of prelaunch / test, adjust, adjust the product without safety measures at startup, without proper control of allowable operating conditions, is not an appropriate use of fuel, power supplies, battery chargers, other electronics are not compatible components, devices or components.

Important! Any vehicle equipped with systems SmallTim, is a technically complex device that requires skill setup and operation!

Responsibility of the COMPANY

COMPANY is not responsible for any losses the Customer, directly or indirectly. Compensation to the CUSTOMER by the COMPANY under any circumstances, can not exceed the price paid for the goods. In accordance with the "Law on Consumers' Company warrants that goods supplied by it do not have any harmful effects on the health of the consumer and are subject to the safe operation of the rules described in the accompanying technical documentation.

Force majeure

Company shall be exempt from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under the terms of this agreement, if this failure is the result of force majeure such as fire, flood, earthquake, war, acts and regulations specify public authorities, binding on the Company arising after placing the order, provided that these circumstances directly affect the performance of its obligations.


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