SwiftAI OSD Mini (module)

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Telemetric module basic specifications

  • Processor Atmega8 16 МHz, video separator LM1881, 2 video amplifiers MAX4090 (video signal input from the camera, output to the video receiver), built-in stabilizer 5V
  • Protection from reverse polarity when plugging in all sensors and power connector
  • Applicable video signal format: PAL/NTSC
  • Applicable voltage: 6-15 V
  • Power consumption (with sensors and GPS module): <150mA
  • Dimensions of telemetric plane: 45х24х06 mm
  • Weight (without cables, sensors and GPS module): 6 g
  • Weight (with cables, sensors and GPS module): 49 g 
telemetry board

Depicted parameters

  • Flight time
  • Quality/Presence of RC signal receiving from the transmitter for PPM receivers
  • Height, according to barometric sensor: -999-9999 m (optional)
  • Aerial velocity: 0-350 km/hour (optional)
  • Temperature: -45 - +165°С
  • Current: 0-99А
  • Voltage (3 inputs): 0-15V, automatic detection of battery plugging
  • Expended battery charge: 0-9999 mA/h
  • Height according to GPS: -999-9999 m
  • Earth-related velocity according to GPS: 0-999 km/hour
  • Distance on the earth from the take-off point, according to GPS: 0..9999м
  • Current velocity vector direction: “compass” scale band
  • Direction to the take-off point: -180 - 180 degrees, “base” marked band
  • Variometer (height increase/decrease)
  • Amount of visible GPS satellites: 0-12
  • Position detection format for GPS module: NA / 2D / 3D
  • Latitude/Longitude in string format: 1234.567N/89012.345E 
OSD board

Adjustable parameters

  • Choice of velocity and height scales binding to barosensors or GPS (at telemetric start)
  • Choice of telemetric screen – 3 screens and “output off” – during flight
OSD with sensors

Adjustment is executed by the free channel from RC receiver, plugged into the telemetric plane. Adjustable parameters are recorded and used in further connections.


  • Auto calibration of velocity and height barosensors at each telemetric start
  • Auto calibration of the current sensor at +5V voltage application to ADC7 input (with a pincer to the connector)
  • Auto detection of video signal format (PAL/NTSC)
  • Auto detection of batteries plugging to the voltage inputs 


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