SwiftAI OSD Mini (module)

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OSD (On-Screen Display) module is an electronic device which measures and processes the flight parameters in real time and overlays these on the video signal of the onboard camera.

Depending on the set of sensors connected, the OSD module can display the following set of parameters:  

- Altitude (GPS and/or barometric, needs GPS module and/or barometric sensor)
- Speed (ground speed and/or airspeed, needs GPS module and/or barometric speed sensor)
- Flight time, GPS fix information, # of satellites
- Current, battery consumption, 3 different voltages, temperature
- GPS coordinates, track heading, direction to home and distance to home
- Artificial horizon, heading by magnetic compass (if connected to Autopilot module)

 4 predefined OSD layouts are available by default, if OSD module works alone, the layouts can be cycled through using a spare RC channel connected to OSD module.

 If the OSD module is connected to Autopilot board, then all these OSD layouts can be hand-tuned using the dedicated PC application called Autopilot Control Panel.


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